Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC)

At the 2015 Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) held in Jerusalem, Israel, it was resolved that a body to be known as the Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) be formed to provide a credible business network for African and Israeli businesses in line with the ALS vision of linking African cities, sectors and systems with Israel in order for Africa to benefit maximally from the Abrahamic Covenant, Mantle and Blessing.

This will ensure that Africa benefits from the latest technology and innovation available in modern Israel. On the other hand, it will ensure that Israel benefits from access to Africa’s vast resources – particularly in the areas of agriculture and extractive minerals. While the long term goal is the development of Africa, AICC exists for the mutual benefit of Africa and Israel.

Our Services

Business Opportunities and Networking

Expose members to business opportunities in Israel and via Israeli business people

Business Information

Publish news and research on Africa and Israel’s economies, industries, provinces, current events, etc.


Advocacy for Israel through awareness seminars, resourceful articles and information on contemporary events in Israel

Business Leadership Development

Train Christian business people on Kingdom business principles

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