Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AICC?

AICC is acronym for the Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce. It is an
association of Christian business people in different communities in Africa and
in Israel. AICC members seek credible business partners and suitable business
opportunities in Israel, Africa and other parts of the world.


2. How does AICC work?

An AICC chamber is established by local people and connected with the
continental platform. AICC has a founding document, a constitution as well as
a set of values described in its founding document and on the website. The
values guide the operations of the chamber and every member is expected to
abide by these values. It is appropriate to state that AICC is a value based
chamber of commerce.

3. How do I become a member?

You may apply for AICC membership by completing an application form and
pay an initial application fee (as stated below). Your application will be
processed, a credibility or verification form must also be completed and your
membership will have to be approved by AICC international board.


4. How do I register as a member?

You may visit the continental website of AICC and register. AICC prospective
members are vetted before registration. You need to pay the following fees

  1. 10$ (Ten USD) or its equivalent in your local currency as application fee
  2. Once off membership fee of 50$ (Fifty USD) as soon as your
    membership is approved after initial registration.
  3. An annual membership fee determined by every local executive
    chamber will be required from each chamber in the year after the launch
    of a local chamber


5. What are the criteria for membership?

In order to be a member of AICC, you need to love Israel and believe in the
future of Africa beginning with your community. AICC members include

  • African business people who are Christians from all denominations and
    operate on the basis of biblical values.
  • Israeli business people


6. What are the benefits of being a member?

See AICC website on


7. Could one be deregistered as a member?

Yes. A registered member of AICC may be deregistered


8. At what point could an AICC member be deregistered?

If the executive members of a local AICC chamber finds that the individual is
dishonest and unreliable either in his private or business life, such a member
may be deregistered by a majority decision of the executive members of the
chamber. A member may also be deregistered by the international board of
AICC based on the same reason as above. Please note that this refers to the
present and not the past life of the member.


9. How does AICC differ from the 400+ other existing Chambers of

AICC is different in many ways.

  • It is a faith based association of business people.
  • It is unashamedly supportive of the state of Israel and committed to
    advocacy for Israel.
  • AICC encourages local business people to establish their own chamber
    and connect with Israel as well as other African countries.
  • It seeks to connect business with development of Africa.
  • AICC is not ashamed of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel),
    the connection that Jesus Christ established for gentiles (nations) on
    the cross at Calvary and the need to celebrate this heritage through
    business. You may read more on the website


10. What is the Chamber’s legal standing?

AICC is registered in South Africa as a Non Profit Company (NPC). It complies
with all the requirements of a Non-Profit Organization and South Africa
Revenue Services (SARS). It is registered with the department of Social
Development as an NPO.


11. What is the chamber’s political affiliation?

AICC has no political affiliation. It is not affiliated to any political party.
However, AICC encourages its members to belong to political parties that
promote biblical values and support Israel.


12. Is the Chamber open to business people of other religions?

AICC is open to Christians from all denominations. It is open to credible
businesses that uphold Godly value within every community.


13. How does the Chamber affirm its religious position without infringing
the Constitution of South Africa or any other country?

The Constitution of South Africa provides for freedom of religion, association
as well as freedom of expression. See sections 15, 16 and 18 of the 1996

Constitution. AICC operates in South Africa within the provisions of these
sections of the constitution.


14. Who forms part of the board?

The first International board of AICC include selected and nominated
members from the Africa Leadership Summit which holds biennially in
Jerusalem. Election to AICC international board will take place at the
international General Meeting of AICC in Jerusalem during the biennial ALS
The local board of every chamber include selected and nominated members
of the business community who satisfy the leadership criteria set out in the
founding document of AICC. Every chamber conducts nomination and
elections as applicable during its Annual general Meeting.


15. What statutory (Government and Industry) endorsements does the
Chamber have?

AICC is endorsed by the following organizations

  • South Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce
  • Israel Africa Chamber of Commerce
  • Africa Leadership Summit
  • Prayer partners and Friends of Israel, Kenya
  • Plummet Missions Nigeria
  • Institute for Christian leadership Development
  • Vuka Africa Foundation
  • South Africa Friends of Israel
  • South Africa Zionist Federation
  • Several church organizations in Africa


16. What are the proven credentials of the Chamber?

AICC is recognised by Israeli government and business organizations. It was
launched by the Mayor of Jerusalem in 2017 during the Africa Leadership
Summit. There were over 23 Israeli companies that attended the launching in
Jerusalem. Its members have been invited for presentations at the Israel
Export Institute. Ministers of State in Israel have also attended our functions
including the head of Mashav, Ambassador Gil Haskel among others. Some
members who were in Israel at the AICC launch in 2017 have started business
ventures with Israeli business people.


17. What is the rationale behind partnering with Israel as opposed to plainly
progressive African countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia?

Israel has cutting edge technology applicable to all sectors of economy. Most
progressive countries of the World buy patents and technology products and services from Israel. Africans have decided to buy from the source and to by-pass the middle man. Besides, modern Israel has proven to be the technology and innovation hub of the world hosting research centers for most leading companies of the world. Modern Israel has fulfilled biblical prophecy making
the deserts of Israel blossom like a rose. Africans want to develop our own
land and economy and have decided to be part of the commonwealth of
Israel tapping into the potential of the covenant that God made with Abraham
that through him and his descendants all the families of the earth will be


18. How does an AICC Chamber in South Africa hope to navigate around the
sensitivities of the delicate relations between Israel and South Africa?

AICC is both a business and an Israel advocacy platform. There are millions of South African Christians who belief strongly that Jerusalem is the home of the Jewish people and the eternal capital of the Christian faith. No politics can change that view. AICC is therefore not apologetic about this position but seeks to contribute meaningfully to the debate and persuade South African
government to rise above prejudice and anti-semitism by recognising the historical and biblical right of Israel to the land.


19. How is AICC funded?

AICC is funded in three different ways.

  • Once off membership fees
  • Annual subscription fees of its members
  • Donations received from members and the general public

20. Is there an AICC chamber in my city or home area?

Check out AICC footprint on AICC website and see whether you need a
chamber closer home.

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