Business Networking and Opportunities

  • Expose members to business opportunities in Israel and via Israeli business people
  • Provide assistance for African businesses in penetrating high potential Israeli markets
  • Invite Israeli businesses into cities of Africa and to participate in the different sectors of the economy in partnership with local business people
  • Promote unique African products in Israel and through Israel to the global market
  • Provide interactive platform for interaction between business people in Africa and Israel through our website

Business Information

  • Publish news and research on Africa and Israel’s economies, industries, provinces, current events, etc.
  • Provide general advice to African and Israeli companies with new or existing operation in either Africa or Israel
  • Provide interactive platform for collaboration between business people in Africa and Israel through the AICC website
  • Provide advice on key opportunities, sectors and general business issues as required


  • Advocacy for Israel through awareness seminars, resourceful articles and information on contemporary events in Israel
  • Invitations to seminars, workshops on Israel – Africa relations
  • Invitation to the biennial Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem
  • Maintain discussion groups for specific industries as a basis for lobbying for Israeli Business Interests
  • Host small VIP meetings with industry leaders, diplomats, officials, etc.

Business Leadership Development

  • Train Christian business people on Kingdom business principles
  • Facilitate Business Development Support to new and emerging African businesses
  • Connect local African businesses with Israel embassies in different parts of Africa & assist them to benefit from consular services
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